A Conversation with Gerald

I had the best conversation this morning while getting off the train. During off-peak hours, the Embedly customer service number goes directly to my cell phone. Any time I don’t recognize a number, I put on my nice voice and answer.

This time it was a nice elderly man from PA, that we will call Gerald. After a rather awkward start, Gerald says he’s having problems with his computer. He says he’s getting annoying popups asking him to allow a video to play and Gerald doesn’t want that. He just wants to watch the video, no questions asked.

Side note: I actually thought someone was messing with me at this point. “Uncle Bill, is that you? You got me good you wanker”

Gerald, obviously frustrated, wants someone to fix this, but I have absolutely no idea what he’s talking about. Apparently this happens every time he goes to his favorite website and clicks on an embedded video. He then admits, he’s “not all that great with computers”. 

Ok, so is this favorite website using Embedly? Has he figured out how to install the Twitter plugin? Are some of the embeds we are serving showing nasty error messages to users? How did Gerald get this number? Why are we doing this to Gerald? WHY WOULD WE DO THAT TO A NICE OLD MAN WITH 8 GRANDCHILDREN THAT LOVE HIM DEARLY AND CALL HIM POP POP?

Making a guess I ask if he’s running Windows and Internet Explorer. He knows he’s running Windows 7, but he’s not quite sure about this Internet Explorer thing. Well Gerald, it’s probably in your Internet Explorer privacy settings to always allow these types of videos to run, but I have no working knowledge on the matter. I still don’t know if that’s the right answer by the way.

Gerald: “Am I even calling the right person?”

Sean: “No, I’m just general tech support at this point.”

Gerald apologizes, thanks me for my time, we say our goodbyes and the conversation ends.

Why did Gerald and I have a five minute conversation this morning? 

Gerald, so fed up with his problem, starts Binging around and finds Embedly. He then spends time digging through the site to find a phone number, which is not an easy feat because ours is buried. A man “not so good with computers”, but so determined to fix his pain proves he isn’t exactly bad either. 

Gerald, you are a good man.

When you are so close to a problem one can sometimes forget people like Gerald exist. Just a man trying to watch a video on his favorite site. Gerald, I hear you buddy and I want to make your life better.


Posted 1 year ago by embedly-team
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