Dear Twitter, we see your 31 providers and raise you 134

Today we are releasing the Embedly’s Chrome plugin for Twitter: Parrotfish. Parrotfish augments with 134 additional embed providers and creates previews for every url. You can download it at To entice you a little more it looks like this:


Twitter released New Twitter on September 14th to a subset of users, and I think at this point everyone has it. They touted pretty heavily the ability to see embedded photos and videos from 16 providers including YouTube, Flickr and TwitPic. Over the last 3 months they have added 15 more providers, bringing the total up to 31 different content sources. 

We love what they are doing. It’s a great start and they are using the right tech. All of these providers have to have an oEmbed endpoint before they can be part of the platform (with a few exceptions). This helps propagate the standard and allow everyone to have the same access to content as Twitter. 

The only downside is that there are only 31 providers, so we decided to augment their list of providers with our own.


  • Amazon

    165 Supported Embed Providers:

    You can see the full list on, but every big name provider is on there. Watch Videos, listen to audio and view pictures all from inside Twitter’s web interface.

  • Tc

    Previews for every other url:

    If the url is not one of the supported providers we will create a preview with the title, image and excerpt from the page.

  • Google


    Embedly checks every url against malware and phishing lists and warns you if the url exists on one.

  • Vid


    How many times do you see posts that just state “Check out this video:”. Embedly examines the page and pulls out the relevant embed from over 70 providers. You can then watch the video directly on Twitter.

  • Html5vid

    HTML5 audio and video tags:

    Have you ever wanted to share an mp3 you hosted on DropBox with your Twitter followers? Embedly will use an HTML 5 audio tag to embed the song right in Twitter.

I have been using it internally for a couple weeks now and it’s changed they way I experience Twitter. With link previews I’m able to quickly decided what is relevant and what isn’t. You don’t have to just believe me either, we have gotten astounding feedback thus far. 

"Wow this is insanely awesome"

- Andy Weissman, Betaworks

"This is seriously awesome and totally changes the way I use Twitter."

- Andrew Parker, Spark Capital

Go try it out and let us know what you think. Parrotfish is available at for all Chrome users. If you’re not using Chrome yet, download it here

Posted 3 years ago by embedly-team
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