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Short Version: Embedly’s WordPress plugin is now available on Wordpress.org and the source is on GitHub. Download it, install it, clone it, use it.

We are always looking for ways to get Embedly in the hands of more people. The problem is that it’s a little technical. The idea is dead simple: give us a URL we will give you back embed code, but there is development and code involved. Well, it just got a lot easier to use Embedly.

With the release of WordPress 2.9 they added Embeds. Just put a URL on a single line and WordPress would embed YouTube videos, Flickr images, etc for you. It was a big win for users. It simplfied the process of embedding, but their provider set is limited. Only 14 come out of the box.

We built the Embedly plugin not to compete with Embeds in WordPress, but to expand the number of providers they offer. With the plugin right now, 14 becomes 73 with a few clicks. So let’s look at the Plugin.

Install the plugin from the WordPress Admin or download the source from Wordpress.org. Sadly ‘Embedly’ doesn’t come up when you do a ‘term’ search in the WordPress Admin, so you are going to have to change the dropdown on the right of the search box to ‘author’. It should be the only one there.

Once you activate the plugin, there will be a new side menu called ‘Embedly’ when you click it you will see the screen below.


Select the providers you want to embed. It could be you only want videos or images. It could be that you write reviews for amazon products, so you only want Amazon. We recommend selecting them all as it only effects the urls on a single line.

So how do you use it? Write your blog posts as normal, but when you want to embed an image or video just put them on a single line like so.

Embedly and WordPress will turn that into a rich embed.

This is a beta version. If there are bugs please let us know. You can use the issue tracker on GitHub.

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